Mapleton Garage, 1930's - Framed Canvas

Frame Colors

The Mapleton Garage (where Peninsula Grill and Bad Dog Deli are currently located) was built by Harold Lardie and later owned and operated by Bill and Norma Rasmussen. Bill repaired equipment and sold Studebakers and tractors. Later, David Kroupa also ran the garage for several years. In the late 1980s, my husband Tim was the last person to operate the garage, storing and restoring vintage European sports cars from the 1940s, 50s and 60s until the building was transformed into a store and later the restaurant and bar you see today. - Jane Johnson Boursaw

Available in black and walnut, frames are made from recycled plastic, making them solid, durable, lightweight and environmentally friendly. The one-sided print features a top quality artist canvas and a fully finished back. The "floating frame" gives art the illusion of canvas floating inside the picture frame without touching it. Canvas is mounted in the frame using a proprietary combination of tension and adhesive. Installation is a snap with pre-installed saw-tooth hangers and corner bumpers for level hanging and to protect your wall. To clean, wipe the canvas with a clean, dry, micro-fiber cloth.  

Smaller sizes are packaged in a clear poly bag, with cardboard or bubble wrap to protect corners. Larger sizes are packaged in a clear poly bag, with styrofoam protected corners and boxed.