The Old Mission Coloring Book

Set your clock to Old Mission time; that magical state when you’re allowed to relax, pick apples and cherries in season, read a book at the beach, or snowshoe through fresh snow on an Old Mission Peninsula trail.

The Old Mission Coloring Book invites you to slow down and dive into a visual journey through all your favorite locales on the Old Mission Peninsula. So sharpen those coloring pencils, get a fresh box of crayons, and dig out those markers!

The Old Mission Coloring Book features more than 90 images that encompass a range of fun experiences — from your favorite farm stands, churches, wineries, vineyards, barns, fox dens and snowy owls to Mission Point Lighthouse, the Old Mission General Store, Peninsula Community Library, Bad Dog Deli, Haserot Beach and the historic Dougherty house. We've included a sample of the pages on this page.  

Inspired by the photography of Jane Louise Boursaw, editor and publisher of Old Mission Gazette and proprietor of the Old Mission Peninsula Store whose farm family goes back six generations on the Old Mission Peninsula, the Old Mission coloring book gives you a native’s view of this beautiful place we call home.

Whether you’re a longtime Old Mission Peninsula resident, a summer resident or a frequent visitor, this coloring book is for you.

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